Peaches (The Stranglers)

  • 19 Sep 18:37
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"Peaches" is a song and single by The Stranglers. It was one of the big summer hits of 1977 in the UK, a close rival to The Sex Pistols' "God Save The Queen" in terms of notoriety.

While "God Save the Queen" was notorious for its political sentiment, "Peaches" was controversial because of its sexual content: the song's narrator is girl-watching on a crowded beach one hot summer day. It is never made clear if his lascivious thoughts (such as "there goes a girl and a half") are an interior monologue, comments to his mates, or come-on lines to the attractive women in question. Critic Tom Maginnis writes that Cornwell sings with "a lecherous sneer, the sexual tension is so unrelenting as to spill into macho parody or even censor bating[sic] territory."

The lyrics of the song include a word that sounds somewhat like clitoris (albeit pronounced with a different vowel: /klɪˈtɑrɨs/ kli-tar-is). There is some debate over whether the word is really "clitoris" or whether it is in fact clitares, a French bathing costume, which more closely fits the context of the lyric - "Is she trying to get out of that clitares?". It is likely, however, that the line is actually a double entendre...


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