Perverted By Language

Perverted By Language (The Fall)

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Perverted by Language is a 1983 album by The Fall. It was the first Fall album to feature Brix Smith, then wife of Mark E. Smith, who performs lead vocals on "Hotel Blöedel". However, the bulk of the album was recorded before she joined the band.

The album contains the track, "Eat Y'self Fitter", which John Peel picked as one of his Desert Island Discs; when Peel had first heard the track – in a session the band recorded in March, 1983 – he stated on air that he had fainted and his producer, John Walters, had had to resuscitate him.

The album was the only full length product of the group's renewed relationship with Rough Trade, whom they had previously left in 1981. This time, they fell out over the full length video the group wished to make for the album. The video Perverted by Language Bis went ahead funded by the group themselves and producers Ikon who released the finished product on VHS in 1984 (a DVD edition was released by Cherry Red in 2003). By that time, the group had signed to Beggars Banquet.

There have been 5 CD editions of the album. The first three (1984 - Line, 1993 - Castle and 1998 - Cog Sinister) duplicated the original vinyl. It was reissued through Castle Music...


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