Pipeline (The Chantays)

  • 19 Sep 18:36
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"Pipeline" is a surf rock tune by The Chantays which was recorded in 1963.

The tune, originally called "Liberty's Whip," was renamed after the band members saw the Bruce Brown film entitled "Endless Summer", a groundbreaking documentary film of two California natives circling the globe in search of the perfect wave. The term "pipeline" refers to a phenomenon in surfing in which the crest of the wave on which a surfer is riding goes completely over his head and lands in front of him, leaving him in the center of what, from his viewpoint, looks like a pipe made of water. The tune, fitting in with the popular surfing craze of the time, swiftly rose up the Billboard Pop charts, reaching #4, and becoming a classic hit of its time.

Although they had a myriad of surf tunes, "Pipeline" was the Chantays' only hit single, and is considered one of the landmarks of the surf genre. The track's distinctive sound was in largely due to the mix being "upside down"; the bass guitar, electric piano and rhythm guitar were at the forefront, while the lead guitar and drums were buried. Although the 45 was released only in monaural, the track was recorded in wide stereo, with the rhythm guitar hard left,...


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