Pulp (Charles Bukowski)

  • 18 Aug 12:14
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Pulp is the last completed novel by Los Angeles poet and writer Charles Bukowski. It was published in 1994, shortly before Bukowski's death.

Unlike other Bukowski novels, the narrator is not Henry Chinaski (although he does appear); instead, the novel follows private detective Nicky Belane as he attempts to track down French classical author Céline and the elusive Red Sparrow. Belane's hunt drags him further and further into low-life adventures across the city, typical of a Bukowski novel, but the story eventually includes supernatural and science fiction elements. Bukowski dedicates the story to "bad writing."

A convoluted detective story about a hard-boiled private eye who solves his cases by waiting them out, Pulp evokes Raymond Chandler, an author who lived in Los Angeles and set stories there, as did Bukowski. The novel also bears similarity to some works by Dashiell Hammett; and the name of character Nicky Belane rhymes suggestively with the name of author Mickey Spillane as well as Casablanca's main character Rick Blaine....


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