Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine (Rage Against The Machine)

  • 18 Aug 18:02
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It is easy to be sniffy about west coast rock’s political pretensions, but Rage Against The Machine are nothing if not sincere (from cover artwork through to personal activism). Their 1992 debut album also demonstrated an awareness of the inherent contradictions of their existence, which few of their many critics have ever acknowledged. The music lifts elements from hip-hop and funk, but the spinal column is Tom Morello’s full-blooded chord work, which locates the group firmly within the metal pantheon. And if some of Zack de la Rocha’s more cerebral moments are lost between the bluster, that’s a trade-off with which RATM seem happy.

Tracks: Bombtrack; Killing In The Name; Take The Power Back; Settle For Nothing; Bullet In The Head; Know Your Enemy; Wake Up; Fistful Of Steel; Township Rebellion; Freedom....


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