Richard Bona

Richard Bona

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Interested in music from a very early age and encouraged by his very musical family, he began playing professionally before he reached his teens. Largely self taught on a variety of wind and string instruments as well as percussion, he formed bands, for work in local hotels. Upon hearing records by Jaco Pastorius, he began favouring bass guitar and it was on this instrument that he became known when he moved to Paris at the end of the 80s. There he played in bands led by French musicians as well as with some visiting Americans. Towards the end of the 90s he went to New York where his remarkable talent was swiftly recognized and played with musicians such as Joe Zawinul and Harry Belfonte, becoming musical director for the latter. He played in clubs, at concerts and on record albums with many leading artists and at the end of the 90s made his own-name debut with Scenes Of My Life. During the 00s, his fame spread and he worked in association with artists such as Kenny Garrett and Bobby McFerrin, and he also toured internationally as percussionist with the Pat Metheny Group. Bona has also worked extensively with musicians from many countries, ranging from the Caribbean to Central Africa. Over the years, Bona has attracted favourable comment for his pleasing singing voice although it is his expertise as a bass guitarist that rightly warrants the respect with which he is regarded by fellow musicians.

Followers: Kenny Garrett, Salif Keita, Lokua Kanza, Gerald Toto

Influenced By: Jaco Pastorius...


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