Roxy Music

Roxy Music (Roxy Music)

  • 29 Jan 14:52
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Totally original and a breath of bizarre air when released in 1972, it put the Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno at the forefront of the art-rock movement. Why Roxy Music are not held in higher esteem by masses is beyond explanation. The sheer style of the band gave rock music a powerful, brilliant injection after years of meandering British prog and American west coast lethargy. From the opening bars of ‘Re-Make/Re-Model’, and the bitter end of ‘Bitters End’, the album enthrals and holds the listener. You can almost believe that Ferry is sincere when he states, ‘I would climb mountains, walk a thousand miles and put roses around our door’; almost, but not quite.

Tracks: Bitters End; The Bob (Medley); Chance Meeting; If There Is Something; Ladytron; Re-Make/Re-Model; 2HB; Would You Believe?; Sea Breezes....


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