Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison

  • 17 Jan 10:05
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If there were to be a vote for the 'all-time greatest voice' in rock and pop, it is likely that Roy Orbison would win, hands down. Orbison died young, had tragedy in his life, and yet he was universally loved in the music business by generations of rock stars. Famous for writing big dark, heart-tearing ballads, he had numerous epic hits that will continue to be reissued in perpetuity. He was signed to Sam Phillips' Sun Records in the 50s, primarily as a songwriter. He wrote Claudette for the Everly Brothers, named after his first wife. He divorced her, remarried her and then witnessed her death when she fell off their motorcycle (1966), tragedy followed when two of his son's were burnt to death in a house fire (1968). And yet, the man was to remain a true gentleman, without any bitterness. He found true love and married Barbara, who also became his manager. In 1988 he was asked to join the magnificent Traveling Wilburys, they had a number 1 album, Roy also recorded an excellent solo album Mystery Girl and tragedy struck for a third time. Orbison suffered a fatal heart attack at the end of his most successful year ever.

Followers: Mark Hollis, Allan Clark, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, Elvis Costello, k.d. Lang

Influenced By: Hank Williams...


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