Set You Free This Time

Set You Free This Time (The Byrds)

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"Set You Free This Time" is a song by the American folk rock band The Byrds, written by band member Gene Clark and first released in December 1965 on the group's Turn! Turn! Turn! album. According to Clark, the song was written in just a few hours during The Byrds' 1965 British tour, after a night spent carousing with Paul McCartney at the Scotch of St James club in London. The song's lead vocal is performed by Clark, who also plays acoustic guitar and harmonica on the track. "Set You Free This Time" concerns the breakup of a relationship and Clark's vocal inflections and densely-worded lyrics suggest the influence of Bob Dylan. The song also has a vague country-rock feel to it, largely due to the song's melody and Clark's harmonica solo. The chord progression and rhythm of the song, however, are atypical of country music.

Following its appearance on the Turn! Turn! Turn! album, the song was issued as the A-side of a single on January 10, 1966. However, initial sales were relatively poor, with the single only managing to reach #79 on the Billboard Hot 100. As a result, Columbia Records in America began promoting the single's B-side "It Won't Be Wrong" instead, which resulted in the...


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Best Byrds Song On Earth

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