Slates (The Fall)

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Slates is the fourth album by The Fall, first released on the 27th April 1981 on Rough Trade Records. Containing 6 tracks and pressed onto 10" vinyl, it was eligible for neither the single nor album charts, being too long for the former and too short for the latter. However, it was included in the UK Independent Album chart, where it reached #3.

Slates made its first appearance on CD in 1992 on the Dojo label, where it was coupled with live album A Part of America Therein, 1981. This pairing was re-pressed with amended artwork in 1998 by Castle Music. Slates was finally given a proper CD edition in 2004 with 7 additional tracks being added to bolster the brief running time.

Tracks 7-10 formed the group's fourth session for John Peel, tracks 11 and 12 were issued as a single in December 1981, track 13 was an outtake from 1981 previously featured on a budget compilation titled The Collection (Castle, 1993)....


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