Sleep Alone

Sleep Alone (Bat For Lashes)

  • 19 Sep 17:32
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"Sleep Alone" is the third single from Bat for Lashes' second album Two Suns, released on 6 September 2009 as a download-only double A-side single with "Moon and Moon". The song was announced to be the third single on Bat for Lashes' official website. Bat for Lashes performed "Sleep Alone" live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on 12 August 2009.

The song has a 1980s feel to it. Natasha Khan (aka Bat for Lashes) explained to BBC's Newsbeat: "Well, I've always been an '80s girl, and I think [on] the first record I was quite shy really and I wanted to just keep it how I'd been playing it in my bedroom. I grew up listening to The Cure and I loved early Madonna and Prince and all of that stuff, so I think what prompted me was just probably having more confidence to kind of reach out and reveal even more of myself and what I love and not be too shy about it."

The video for "Sleep Alone" begins with Khan singing in her bedroom. In one shot, she seems to be drawing and in another shot, she is lying on her bed, facing what seems to be a paper robot. Another shot shows Khan standing outside a building which is seen to be under construction. As Khan sings, various shots of herself staring into...


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