So (Peter Gabriel)

  • 18 Aug 13:49
  • 4 lists

This consolidated Peter Gabriel’s reputation as an original and exciting composer, capable of projecting sophisticated lyrics on accessible melodies. ‘Sledgehammer’ was a massive hit (number one in the USA), as was ‘Don’t Give Up’, with Kate Bush’s vocals adding extra pathos. ‘This Is The Picture’ clearly shows the slightly surreal influence of co-writer Laurie Anderson, and the whole is given flight by Daniel Lanois’ impeccable production. The unsung towering achievement, however, is ‘Mercy Street’, a sparsely orchestrated and perfectly constructed tribute to the late poet Anne Sexton. To date, as admirable as his Real World projects have been, Gabriel has been unable to come anywhere near the power of this album.

Tracks: Red Rain; Sledgehammer; Don’t Give Up; That Voice Again; In Your Eyes; Mercy Street; Big Time; We Do What We’re Told; This Is The Picture. ...


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