Spring Fever

Spring Fever (Edward Sedgwick)

  • 19 Sep 16:59
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Spring Fever is a 1927 silent film starring William Haines and Joan Crawford and is based on a play by Vincent Lawrence. This was the second film together for Haines and Crawford, and their first romantic teaming. In March 2009 this film had its first ever home video release through the Warner Archive Library.

William Haines plays a shipping clerk named Jack Kelly. He neglected golf to work for the aging Mr. Waters (George Fawcett). On one day, Mr. Waters fires Pop Kelly (Bert Woodruff). Jack witnesses this and is outraged. He wants revenge and breaks a window with a golf ball. Mr. Waters catches him but, instead of being mad, he is impressed with Jack's golfing skills. He later that day announces to his dad he is invited by The Oakmont Country Club to be a guest of the club for a minimum of two weeks. His role there will be the teacher of Mr. Waters, trying to teach him how to golf. Pop doesn't want to say goodbye, but lets him go.

At the club, he meets Allie Monte (Joan Crawford) and immediately falls in love with her. He introduces himself as a member from the shipping business of her family. However, Allie sees through him and walks away. Harold Johnson (Edward Earle) is the...


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