Squeeze (The Velvet Underground)

  • 18 Aug 12:48
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Squeeze was the fifth and last studio album to be released under the Velvet Underground name. It was primarily written and recorded by singer-guitarist Doug Yule in a London recording studio, following the departures of Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison. Drummer Maureen Tucker, while still technically a member of the band at this time, was not involved in the recording, reportedly due to cost-cutting measures.

The Velvet Underground, which at that time consisted of Doug Yule (vocals/guitar), Willie Alexander (keyboards/vocals), Walter Powers (bass guitar) and Maureen Tucker (drums), had toured the United Kingdom and The Netherlands in October and November 1971 to support its latest album, Loaded, which had been written and recorded when Lou Reed was in the band, and which had seen a European release in March 1970. The plan was to record a second and final album for their record company, Atlantic Records, afterwards, but Atlantic had lost faith and decided to issue an archive recording from 1970 featuring Lou Reed, Live at Max's Kansas City, instead.

After the tour, band manager Steve Sesnick managed to get a recording deal with Polydor UK to record a final Velvet Underground album....


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