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"Squonk" was a song recorded by Genesis for the 1976 album A Trick of the Tail, based on the North American tale of the squonk which when captured dissolves in a pool of tears. According to the band members, this was the song that earned Phil Collins his role as lead singer, after they heard him audition it. The song features many different sections and was a live favorite at Genesis concerts between 1976 and 1980. According to Collins, in the interviews on the DVD rerelease, this song was intended to be the closest thing Genesis ever got to Led Zeppelin (who were signed to Atlantic Records, the US label for Genesis), presumably due to the incredibly heavy drumming a la 'When the Levee Breaks'. Steve Hackett in particular remembers getting an ecstatic reception when the band opened a show with this song at Madison Square Garden. Overall, this song is symptomatic of a new direction they would follow well in the 80s, the most notable departure from other earlier work being the change of Collins' drumming style from light, snare-heavy, jazz-rock to full-blooded rock. This change is mainly due to new producer David Hentschel. The working title of the song was Indians....

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Best Genesis Song On Earth

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