Steve Miller Band

Steve Miller Band

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Steve Miller is unusual in enjoying success as an album artist in the late 60s and early 70s before returning with a bang in the following decade with a series of major hit singles. The Milwaukee native started out as an avid blues fan, and named his first group the Miller Blues Band. This soon evolved into the more contemporary Steve Miller Band, with the group earning a big bucks recording contract with Capitol Records. A trio of albums released in the late 60s represent the pinnacle of Miller's artistry, with lengthy atmospheric instrumentals juxtaposed with bluesy rock songs and his silky smooth vocals. In the mid-70s he became a major star with hit singles such as The Joker and Rock'n Me and released some more pop-orientated albums. This continued into the 80s with the international hit Abracadabra, although Miller's albums from this period were strained attempts to fit into the 80s pop market. Throughout his career it is Miller's fluid guitar work and smooth vocals that have swayed critics and fans. In 2010 he returned once again to his blues roots.

Followers: Presidents Of The United States, Hootie The Blowfish, Spin Doctors

Influenced By: Jimmy Reed, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Les Paul, The Rolling Stones...


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