Suede (Suede)

  • 18 Aug 13:59
  • 8 lists

Suede played intellectual high jinks with this, their debut album, employing provocative lyrics, a weighty, unknowing sexuality and the pointed angst of troubled teenagers the world over. The clever lure of their androgynous artwork combined tellingly with Brett Anderson’s teasing flamboyance and dedicated (some might say studied) David Bowie air. However, they would have remained a one trick pony were it not for their stirring ability to put together some unashamedly great singles and adapt a host of subtle mood swings and arrangements that took Anderson’s vocals to soaring new heights. Another bedsitter classic for indie lovers.

Tracks: So Young; Animal Nitrate; She’s Not Dead; Moving; Pantomime Horse; The Drowners; Sleeping Pills; Breakdown; Metal Mickey; Animal Lover; The Next Life....


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