Supper's Ready

Supper's Ready (Genesis)

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Supper's Ready is a song by the band Genesis. A recorded version appeared on their 1972 album Foxtrot, and the band performed the song regularly on stage for several years following this. Live versions appear on the albums Seconds Out (recorded in 1977), the compilation Genesis Archive 1967-75, and the box set Genesis Live 1973–2007.

In an interview, Peter Gabriel summed up "Supper's Ready" as "a personal journey which ends up walking through scenes from Revelation in the Bible....I'll leave it at that."

Nearly 23 minutes in length, the song is divided into seven sections. A number of musical and lyrical themes do re-appear throughout. The melody of the verse in section 1 ("Lover's Leap") reappears as a flute melody between sections 2 and 3. The melody of the chorus in section 1 reappears with new lyrics in the coda to section 6. And the song that comprises the majority of the section 2 ("The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man") reappears briefly in instrumental form at the beginning of section 6, and then returns to form the body of section 7 ("As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs (Aching Men's Feet)"), with new lyrics.

One commentator regarded the structure of "Supper's Ready" as a variation of...


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