Tame Impala

Tame Impala

  • 08 Jul 17:19
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This youthful psych rock band from Perth in Western Australia made some waves on the international music scene in the late 00s with their retro style. The band emerged from the ashes of the high school band the Dee Dee Dums, formed by multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker and his friend Luke Epstein. The departure of Epstein led to a reshuffle in the line-up, with Parker switching to guitar and bringing in two new musicians to augment the sound. The music took direct inspiration from 60s and early 70s psych rock and experimental rock, with the occasional nod to more contemporary bands such as Massive Attack. The group attacked their music with a gusto not normally heard in psychedelic bands, and this energy translated to a growing live following throughout Australia. A number of limited edition EPs were released in the late 00s, each featuring Parker's hallucinatory art work. Their debut album Innerspeaker was released to strong critical praise in summer 2010. Two years later their follow-up Lonerism earned even better reviews and marked the band's major worldwide breakthrough.

Followers: Red Riders, Children Collide, Philadelphia Grand Jury

Influenced By: Cream, Kyuss, The Doors, The Beatles, Pink Floyd...


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