Tattva (Kula Shaker)

  • 20 Feb 15:04
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"Tattva" is a song by Kula Shaker, released as the band's debut single . It was first released in the United Kingdom on 1 January 1996 as "Tattva (Lucky 13 Mix)", then reissued on 24 June as a re-recording with a different sleeve and tracklisting.

The chorus of the song is: Tattva, acintya bheda abheda Tattva. In Hindu philosophy tattva is a Sanskrit word meaning 'thatness', 'principle', 'essence', 'reality' or 'truth'. Likewise, acintya can mean 'the inconceivable', 'the unthinkable', or 'he who cannot be imagined', bheda translates as 'difference', and abheda translates as 'one-ness'. For this song, acintya might best be thought of in terms of apophatic theology, also known as 'divine darkness', a Christian notion whereby God is so far beyond our conceptions that we can only speak of what God is not. Not that the word acintya would necessarily correspond to our Western idea of God, but the same kind of ineffable mystery is implied here. As such, one possible translation of the chorus would be: "Truth, Mystery, difference oneness Truth."

The "Lucky 13 Mix" was issued on 7" and Compact Disc in the United Kingdom, both formats including "Hollow Man (Part II)" as the B-side. The 7"...


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