Telephone Line

Telephone Line (Electric Light Orchestra)

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"Telephone Line" is a song by Electric Light Orchestra.

The song is track two on their 1976 album A New World Record and was the final single to be released from the band's LP until September 2006 when Surrender was released from the expanded reissue.

The song charted in the Top Ten in both the United Kingdom and the United States, peaking at #8 in the UK and #7 in the US. In 1977, the song would reach No #1 in New Zealand. The US version of the single was released in green vinyl---as was the norm, many ELO singles were issued in different colors---but it was the only single that was green. It became the band's first single to achieve Gold sales figures.

"Telephone Line" was the theme song of the 1977 film Joyride starring Desi Arnaz, Jr., Robert Carradine, Melanie Griffith, and Anne Lockhart, directed by Joseph Ruben. The song is featured in the movie Billy Madison when Billy phones a former high school classmate, played by Steve Buscemi, to apologise for picking on him.

It was also used on HBO's Big Love in the season 2 episode "Vision Thing".

The song has been covered by Irish band Aslan....


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