The White Guard

The White Guard (Mikhail Bulgakov)

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The White Guard (Russian: Белая гвардия) is a novel by 20th century Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, famed for his critically-acclaimed later work The Master and Margarita.

The White Guard first appeared in serial form in the Soviet-era literary journal Rossiya in 1926, but was never fully released as the magazine was closed by the USSR government. Never reaching proper publication until after the death of Stalin, The White Guard was instead turned into the play The Days of the Turbins, shown at the Moscow Arts Theatre until eventually being banned itself. Bulgakov then pleaded to Stalin himself to be permitted to leave the country, but instead Stalin personally gave him a job at the Moscow Arts Theatre, where he would still be working when he completed The Master and Margarita, before he died in 1940. His widow managed to have The White Guard partially published in the literary journal Moskva in 1966, and the entire novel was finally published as a whole in 1973. Yale University Press in 2008 published an award-winning translation of this novel by Marian Schwartz.

Set in Ukraine, beginning in late 1918, the novel concerns the fate of the Turbin family as the various armies of the...


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