The Wonderful And Frightening World Of… The Fall

The Wonderful And Frightening World Of… The Fall (The Fall)

  • 29 Jan 10:30
  • 4 lists

The eighth Fall album consolidated the abrasive sextet’s relationship with producer John Leckie, who helped expand their musical palate without sacrificing individuality. The presence of guitarist Laura Elise, better known as Brix Smith, expanded the unit’s tonal capabilities, but they remained firmly a vehicle in which singer Mark E. Smith vented his spleen. His vitriolic lyrics were as uncompromising as ever, even if now-accustomed dissonance is occasionally paired with neo-psychedelic nuances. The Frightening World captures the Fall as they expanded their frame of reference, and in the process, gained recognition for their highly original music.

Tracks: Lay Of The Land; 2 x 4; Copped It; Elves; Oh! Brother; Draygo’s Guilt; God-box; Clear Off; C.R.E.E.P.; Pat-Trip Dispenser; Slang King; Bug Day; Stephen Song; Craigness; Disney’s Dream Debased; No Bulbs. ...


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