There Goes The Fear

There Goes The Fear (Doves)

  • 19 Sep 16:18
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"There Goes the Fear" is the first single from Doves' second studio album The Last Broadcast. The single was released on April 15, 2002 in the UK on CD and 10" vinyl, and charted at #3 on the UK Singles Chart. Both formats were released and deleted on the same day. A single was also released for the song in Holland and in Australia, featuring two live B-sides. The music video for "There Goes the Fear," which was constructed entirely out of existing footage and won a D&AD award in 2003 for Outstanding Direction, was directed by Julian House and Julian Gibbs at Intro. The video was also included on the UK CD single release.

When asked in a 2010 interview with Under the Radar as to why the single was released and deleted on the same day, Jez Williams stated, "It was to do something different from the norm. Just wanted to try something different really. I can't remember exactly whose idea it was. It might have been the manager's, but we were kind of into it. A kind of statement, in a way. We liked the fact that you could only get a hold of a certain amount of this or a certain amount of that. Especially in this day and age of readily available bits of music, it's kind of nice: a...


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