Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman (Tracy Chapman)

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Although she must be tired of the comparisons, Tracy Chapman did look like Joan Armatrading, and at times sounded like her. Even Q Magazine sneakily substituted her pen picture once. She also debuted with an impressive album. Her career was given an unexpected shot in the arm when she appeared at the Nelson Mandela concert. Her solo spot was extended at short notice because Stevie Wonder was unable to come on. She won over the crowd, who loved her brave vulnerability, and rose to the occasion, playing an immaculate and memorable set. This album leaped into the charts the following day and refused to be budged for many months.

Tracks: Talkin’ ’Bout A Revolution; Fast Car; Across The Lines; Behind The Wall; Baby Can I Hold You; Mountains O’ Things; She’s Got Her Ticket; Why?; For My Lover; If Not Now...; For You....


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