Traffic (Traffic)

  • 04 Feb 11:23
  • 7 lists

On their second album the cottage dwellers from Berkshire refined their hippie pop into a looser and vastly mature work. Evocative tales of nonsense in the beautiful ‘40,000 Headmen’, joyful malarkey with Dave Mason’s ‘You Can All Join In’ and ‘Feelin’ Alright’, which was a signpost to Mason’s imminent departure. Throughout the record Jim Capaldi’s understated yet steady drums demonstrate just what a great rock drummer should do, and Chris Wood’s sound is everywhere, with trills on flute and blasts on saxophone. Traffic’s greatness is bought to the fore with the recent expanded and remastered version of this winner.

Tracks: You Can All Join In; Pearly Queen; Don’t Be Sad; Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring; Feelin’ Alright; Vagabond Virgin; 40,000 Headmen; Cryin’ To Be Heard; No Time To Live; Means To An End....


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