Violently Happy

Violently Happy (Björk)

  • 18 Aug 13:19
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"Violently Happy" is a song by Björk, released as the fifth and final single from her album Debut in 1993. The song peaked at #13 in the UK and reached #3 on the US dance charts.

The lyrics speak of Björk feeling a love so intense that it is actually dangerous, requesting that her lover return to "calm her down."

Portions of the melody are influenced by, if not directly lifted from, Björk's earlier composition, "I'm Hungry" by The Sugarcubes on the album Stick Around for Joy.

The music video, featuring people dancing with Björk in a padded room of a mental institution, was directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Various mental patients (including Björk) are shown destroying stuffed animals, cutting their hair, shaving their heads, dancing about, or acting crazy or emotional. Most of them carry scissors and a snipping sound was clipped and overlaid on the soundtrack to coincide with each time someone on-screen used their scissors....


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