We Are The Champions

We Are The Champions (Queen)

  • 18 Aug 15:19
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"We Are the Champions" is a power ballad written by Freddie Mercury, recorded and performed by British rock band Queen for their 1977 album News of the World. One of their most famous and popular songs, it remains among rock's most recognizable anthems. The song was a worldwide success, reaching number two in the UK Singles Chart, and number four on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.

"We Are the Champions" has become an anthem for sporting victories, including as official theme song for 1994 FIFA World Cup, and has been often used or referenced in popular culture (see below). The song has been covered by many artists.

Written by Freddie Mercury, "We Are the Champions" was built on audience response, with Brian May stating; 'We wanted to get the crowds waving and singing. It’s very unifying and positive'. Musically, it is based around Mercury's piano part, with Roger Taylor and John Deacon providing a drums and bass guitar backing. May overdubbed some guitar sections, initially subtle, but building to a 'solo' played simultaneously with the last chorus. Mercury employed many jazz chords (major and minor 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th harmonies), and the choruses featured these voiced...


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