Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Why Does It Always Rain On Me? (Travis)

  • 18 Aug 15:29
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Why Does It Always Rain on Me? is a single by Scottish band Travis. It was the breakthrough single which earned the group international recognition. It was the third single from their second album, The Man Who, and their first Top 10 hit on the UK Singles Chart, peaking at #10. Outside of the UK, it peaked at #11 on the Australian charts, giving the band their biggest hit in that country. Regional singles were released for the UK, Austria, Japan, and USA.

The song was written by Fran Healy in Israel and Madrid - he'd been rained on in both places.

The music video features the band in a rain-soaked setting, with the band having locked frontman, Healy (wearing a kilt), in the boot of a car. Healy escapes, and chases the rest of the band for a while, ending by jumping out into a disused mining quarry. Next, the band are featured in a floating living room, playing the song. The video ends with the living room floating away. Interestingly, it does not actually rain at any point during the video....


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