Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo

  • 22 Dec 11:56
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The quintessential American alternative rock band, Yo La Tengo (which translates ‘I Got It’) formed in 1984 in Hoboken, New Jersey. Throughout their long career they have spanned many genres, including post-punk and new wave-inspired shoegaze, lo-fi rock, and folk-influenced melodic pop. In addition to a formidable catalogue of original material, they are also renowned for their many cover versions, with most albums containing several interpretations of songs by both well-known and obscure artists. Despite never achieving significant commercial success, they have always remained a favourite with critics, continued to be inventive and original, and have provided inspiration to many bands and artists over the years.

Followers: Superchunk, Stereolab, Working For A Nuclear Free City, Teenage Fanclub

Influenced By: The Jesus And Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine, The Velvet Underround, The Soft Boys, Love...


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