Zuma (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)

  • 30 Nov 11:16
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Released to universally favourable reviews, Zuma has lasted as a favourite Neil Young album. On this, he pleased guitar devotees by at last attempting to sound and play like he did on stage. The tone and volume he achieves on his 'Old Black' Gibson throughout this record is perfection. 'Drive Back' is a shining example of the style, played over a shuffling and changing tempo. Similarly evocative are 'Danger Bird' and ‘Stupid Girl’, but the album’s tour de force is 'Cortez The Killer', a lengthy song that builds, noodles and droops but is never boring. Crosby, Stills & Nash make a cursory appearance at the end with ‘Through My Sails’.

The album is named after Zuma Beach in Malibu, California.

Tracks: Don’t Cry No Tears; Danger Bird; Pardon My Heart; Lookin’ For A Love; Barstool Blues; Stupid Girl; Drive Back; Cortez The Killer; Through My Sails....


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